Farming with Chickens

3 Top Questions asked by Chicken Farmers

When you are starting out as a new farmer and have decided to farm with chickens, the following questions always comes in mind. Here are the 3 Top Questions asked by Chicken Farmers

• Is there enough profit to farm with chickens
• What are the cost involved around feeding your chickens
• How much Space do you need to farm with chickens

3 Top Questions asked by Chicken Farmers

How much profit can you make when farming with chickens?

Depending on your farming skills, there is roughly about 48% to 52%
to be made in broiler farming. This being said remember that farmers has different strategies, use different equipment and have different believes on farming techniques.

What will influence your profit margin?

The reason that profit margins can be different in your poultry business
is that farmers sell their chickens at different weights. If you are going to
grow large broilers you need to scale your price so that you make enough
money as larger chickens eat much more daily than medium size chicken. There is no need to grow your chickens to 3 kg if you do not have a specified market for that.

Renting property will also see your profit margins decrease but not anyone can afford their own land. Be sure to negotiate a fair rental price when you do not own property.

Having to many staff will influence your profit margins so you need to carefully plan how much help you are going to need.

Bore-well water is always much cheaper so if that is possible, you will save a lot of money instead of using municipal water.

Another way to increase your profit margins is to make your own feed. You will find some recipes on this website for broilers and layers that can help reduce feeding cost.

You need to budget your transport cost when you buy day old chicks and selling the end produce. If you are going to slaughter on your premises then packaging and machinery should be planned for.

Cost around feeding Chickens.

If you are farming with broilers you need to work out how much feed they will consume in a six week cycle.
On average a broiler will eat 80 grams to 120 grams per day depending on their weight. Day Old chicks need a starter feed for 14 days, then you can switch over to grower and eventually finisher.

Make sure that if you want to sell chickens weekly, that you buy broilers weekly. You can start selling in 6 weeks and every week thereafter. You can test your market with the first couple of cycles to see if you need to buy more day old chicks as your customers demand will probably increase if you can deliver a good quality product.

After six weeks broiler chickens will be at an average weight of around 2.7kg but be advised that you do not have to grow them that big.
Most supermarkets sell whole chickens at around 1.3kg and that means a live chicken for that specific weight should be around 1.9kg.

How much space do you need to farm with chickens?

If you decide to farm with broilers you can do so with 15 birds per square meter.
For 100 chickens you will need 2.5 x 2.5 meters. If you want to use larger numbers you can multiply it with this formula.

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3 Top Questions asked by Chicken Farmers

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