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Welcome to Farming With Chickens. Farming is our passion and we are a dedicated website to help and share information about chicken farming for new and experienced chicken farmers. We will continuously upload new information and strategies to improve your poultry farming business. Subscribing will give you access to our forum and all information that can help you improve your farming experience. Free tools that you can use will include feeding calculators for both broilers and layer chickens. A Guide to Successful Chicken Farming

We will share with you how to make your own chicken feed and save money with DIY project such as water drinkers and chicken feeders. You will also find treatments for sick chickens and strategies to sell your products.

Topics you will find on this website will include free range chicken farming and intensive poultry farming.

Farming with Chickens - A Guide to Successful Chicken Farming
Farming with Chickens

What is Poultry farming and is it a profitable business?

Poultry farming is raising domestic birds like chickens, ducks , quails and turkeys for the production of meat and eggs. Chickens are farmed across the world and is one of the main key sources of daily protein and food for billions of people on earth.

Poultry farming is a very lucrative business and the industry employs millions of people. Starting you own poultry business on a small or large scale can see you turn around your investment in a very short time.

Chicken farming is categorized in mainly two sectors\s called broiler and layers.

Broiler Chicken Farming

When you are farming chickens for meat you would more likely farm with broilers. They are fast growers and you can start selling your broilers at around 6 weeks. Broilers typically grows from a one day old chick to a fully grown chicken weighing in at around 2.6 kg or 5.7 pounds in just six weeks.

Farming with broilers is a low risk profession and also the fastest way to see profits in any poultry farming industry. Many people is turning to backyard chicken farming as you do not require a lot of space and your profit margins is around 50%

Layer Chicken Farming

There are 3 ways to farm with Layer Chickens. Buying point of lay chickens, growing your own layers from incubated fertilized eggs or natural farming. Natural meaning that your chickens raise their own chicks.

Buying point of lay hens is the fastest way to start producing and selling eggs. This is a costly procedure at point of lay hens are expensive and you have to sell a lot of eggs before you start seeing a return on your investment. Although there is a waiting period before you start to make money, point of lay hens is a very profitable business.

If you decide to grow your own chicks from fertilized eggs the waiting time is even longer before you start seeing profits. Chicks take up to 7 months before producing the right size eggs that you can start selling. Keep in mind that you will have to feed your chickens from day one right up to the point when they become off layers.

How to start a chicken farming business?

If you want to start a chicken farming business you need to consider the following:

• How many chickens do you want to farm with
• Do you have a market for your products
• Feed of the chickens until your business is profitable
• Labor, fuel and other hidden cost
• Do you have a business plan

You need to decide with how many chickens you want to farm with and build a coop that will be big enough to comfortably manage your chickens. Your bedding should be in place before your chicks arrive. Chickens needs a warm environment to flourish. Make sure that you use the correct bedding like sawdust and wood shavings. These materials are easy accessible and not expensive.

If you are building or buying chicken coops, they should be placed so that the entrances receives the least amounts of wind and hinder the birds. Coops need a lot of ventilation in both summer and winter time but can not be cold. Chickens can get flu so the placing of your coops facing away from strong winds is essential to ensure that your chicks stay strong and healthy

Chickens needs fresh water and a lot of it. Make sure that you have a system that can provide fresh water 24 hour per day. There are many types of automated drinking systems that you can buy at your local agricultural stores.

Chicken feeders needs to be at the right height and cleaned regularly. You can adjust your feeders height as the bird grow.

Make sure that you have done market research before you start farming with chickens. If you are sitting on livestock that you cant sell you will still have to feed them. Rather start small and grow your business as the demand for your products grow.

Farming with Chickens
Farming with Chickens

You can find recipes here to make your own chicken feed to reduce feeding cost for your business.

Create a business plan. This will help you to achieve your goals and avoid costly mistakes. You can always revise your strategy if you have a plan to grow your business.

A Guide to Successful Chicken Farming

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A Guide to Successful Chicken Farming