Farming with Chickens

There are many advantages of making your own chicken feed. In this paragraph we will show you how to make chicken feed for broilers and layers.
What is the main reason why you want to make your own chicken feed? The answer, saving money and increasing your profit margin. You also know exactly what you are feeding your birds and can boost your confidence when you sell your chickens. Best Homemade Chicken Feed Recipes – Broilers and Layers

So the question that is probably asked the most when you are starting out as a chicken farmer is how to make your own chicken feed.
Including in these recipes is a budget recipe that is designed for the farmer that can not afford to buy expensive ingredients for his poultry farming business.

Recipes for chicken feed

• Broiler Feed Recipe – Main Feed
• Layer Feed Recipe – Main Feed
• Custom Feed Recipe – Budget Feed

Farming with Chickens - Best Homemade Chicken Feed Recipes - Broilers and Layers
Farming with Chickens

Before we share the recipes it is important to know how to store the feed correctly.
Feed should be stored in a dry cool place that is free of rodents and insects.
You need to bag your feed in place it in a container that will keep the feed moist and fresh.

Making your own feed gives you better control of what your chicken feed on and you can manage your proteins levels for both broilers and layers.
Chickens need minimum protein of around 14% to 16% and by making your own feed you can increase that without it costing you an arm and a leg.
Keep in mind that chickens do need calcium (layers more than broilers) but giving them to much can cause kidney problems. Do not give your chickens egg shells as you do not want to teach them to eat their eggs.
Grinding egg shelves to a powder and then mixing it into their feed is a great way of giving chickens calcium.

Oats is high in fiber and wholewheat has great omega properties that will add value to your chicken feed.
Corn on the other-hand does not have as much nutrition values as grains but is high in calories and you can give extra corn comes winter or just add some flax to the feed mix to ensure that your chicken has enough energy to sustain cold winter nights.

Boosting your layers by adding calf manna in their feed will improve egg production and keep your birds stronger and healthier.

Making Feed for Chicken Layers

100 kg Wheat
100 kg Oats
100 kg Corn (Crushed)
60 kg Soybeans
10 kg of Calcium (you can make your own powdered calcium from egg

How to make Chicken Feed For Broilers

100 kg Corn (Mielies)
70 kg Soybeans
10 kg Oats
10 kg Crushed Luserne
10 kg Bone or Fish meal
5 kg Calcium
7 kg Poultry Nutri Ba lancer – You can buy this at most
Agricultural Shops.
A lot of people are against bone and fish meal so here
is an alternative recipe for chicken feed.

How to make Basic Budget Broiler Feed

100 kg Barley
50 kg Wheat
50 kg Corn (Mielies)
We have used this recipe many times and our chickens was
ready to sell at around 75 days. (2.8 kg in weight –
that is way to big, but we like selling BIG chickens.

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Best Homemade Chicken Feed Recipes – Broilers and Layers