Farming with Chickens

Farming with Broiler Chickens

A broiler is a meat chicken and you can almost farm with it anywhere. Broiler chickens does not require a lot of space so yes, you can even farm with broiler chickens in your backyard. Is farming with broiler chickens profitable? The answer is yes, you can make up to 52% profit in just 6 weeks with your birds.

How to start?

You can buy broiler day old chicks from a hatchery close to you. They are not expensive and they are fast growers. Chicks need a coop that is warm and protected against cold winds.

Sanitize your coop 4 days before your day old chicks arrive. This is a crucial step as your chickens should already been vaccinated against the pocks and New Castle decease at the hatchery.

To start you need to have clean bedding for your chicks that is at least 150 mm thick. You can top up the bedding every week to ensure that the flooring is dry and warm for the chickens.

Use water drinkers and chicken feeders that you can raise every week. Chickens should not eat from the floor as they will scrub and poop on the food. By raising the feed every week you will ensure that the food is clean and that waste is minimized.

Keep your chicken feeders full as broilers need to eat when they want. By portioning the feed and giving them food twice a day, you will prolong the growth of your chickens.

Farming with Chickens - Farming with Broiler Chickens
Farming with Chickens

Fresh Food and Water

Your chickens need fresh water everyday. This is one of the most important steps to keep your broilers healthy. There are many types of water drinkers you can buy but the best is a bell type drinker. It is an automated system ensuring your chickens always has fresh water and also reduce labour.

Chicken feeders also need to be lifted from the ground so that your birds do not waste any feed. You can make your own feed and we have put together 3 recipes for layers, broilers and a budget recipe.

Managing your Broilers

Make sure that your coops are free of rodents, water leaks and wind proof. Broilers are fast growers so make sure that you check them regularly and that they stay healthy.

For a successful broiler farm you will need 3 types of feed:

  • Starter Feed
  • Grower Feed
  • Finnisher Feed

Your day old chickens should get starter feed for 14 days. You can then start mixing in grower feed for two days and then just feed grower for another 21 days. Finally you can give them finisher feed for the last week.

Tip: Make sure that you know how many costumers you can supply with fresh chicken before you decide with how many broilers you want to farm.

The Ross Broiler is the most popular broiler chicken to start farming with. The grow from a one day old chick to 2.6 kg or 5.7 pounds in just six weeks.

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Farming with Broiler Chickens

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