Farming with Chickens

Poultry Farming Demand on the Rise

As the world population grow, so is the poultry farming demand on the rise. Homesteading and backyard farming is trending right now and raising your own chickens for meat and eggs can save you a lot of money and guarantee you the freshest products as you are in control of your business.

You can sell your products to cover your feeding expensive or turn it into a small scale or larger business as your demand grow.

If you have more land available you can do pasture farming or free range farming that will save you even more money. If you are intending to start a small farming business, free range products reach higher prices as consumers are more likely to buy organic products.

Why is Poultry Farming Important?

Chicken farming represents 37% of the worlds meat production.
Eggs are a highly popular food and the average person eats 230 eggs per year. Eggs and poultry meat is essential to our diet because of high protein values, minerals and fats.

Chickens are farmed in all countries and usually a cheaper meat source than beef or sheep.

Farming with Chickens - Poultry Farming Demand on the Rise
Farming with Chickens

Benefits of a Chicken Farming Business

  • Chickens supply meat and eggs
  • Less Capital Required to setup a Poultry Business
  • Does not require a lot of space
  • Chicken farming yield a high return in a short period of time
  • Low maintenance business
  • There is a huge global demand for poultry products
  • Marketing Chickens is easy
  • Poultry farming provides employment
  • Bank Loans are easy approved if the business plan is setup correctly

Who can farm with poultry?

Anyone with at least 3 x 3 meters to spare can farm with poultry. You can purchase day old chickens (broilers or layers) at your nearest hatchery. For layers you can stack your coops with layer baskets to increase the number of egg production. 3 x 3 meters is enough space to raise 150 broilers.

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Poultry Farming Demand on the Rise

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