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Taking care of Day Old Chicks – Feeding and Bedding

Day old chicks can start feeding by themselves on day one. Their crops are ready to process mostly any type of food but it is important as a farmer to get them the correct size starter pellet feed – Taking care of Day Old Chicks – Feeding and Bedding

If you are farming with free rage chickens it is advisable to keep day old chicks on a starter feed for at least two weeks. You can then introduce other type of feeds like grower or a homemade recipe that you will find by clicking here.

Older chickens can eat whole corn pips and grain. You can crush the grains but if it is not doable you can give them whole grains. Chickens can eat whole corn pips and you do not need to worry about them chocking on it.

By using a feeder container that can be raised every other week your chickens will not waste any food. Make sure that you do not raise the feeder too high for smaller chicks as some chickens will grow faster.

You can buy an automated Bell Water Drinker at your local agriculture store to secure fresh drinking water at all times. As your chickens grow you can adjust the height of the bell watering system so that they can get a comfortable reach.

Bell Water Drinker for Chickens - Taking care of Day Old Chicks
A Bell water drinker can be adjusted as chickens grow

Bedding should be at least 150 mm and must be topped up every week.

Tip: When buying your day old chicks you can introduce them to water and feed by dipping their beaks into the feeders and drinkers. Do this gently by holding the baby chick with your thumb and middle finger and pushing their heads down for about half a second.

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Taking care of Day Old Chicks – Feeding and Bedding

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