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What is the Best Bedding for Day Old Chicks

There are many forms and ways to place bedding for chickens, but what is the best bedding for day old chicks?

When you are starting a poultry business you need to get the bedding perfect from the beginning as changing it will disturb your birds. Chicks need a warm place and cannot sleep on cold cement or a muddy service. The right bedding will make sure that your day old chicks are warmer and will also absorb the chicken poop better.

What bedding can I use?

Sawdust is one of the most discussed bedding methods as many people believe that sawdust has allergens for the small birds and that the sawdust gets in their eyes. This however is not true and you can use untreated pine sawdust for your chicks. It is soft and the day old chicks likes to scrub and sleep in this type of bedding.

When using sawdust for day old chicks, make sure that the surface is clean before placing it on the ground as a bedding. You need to spread it out with a rake and the layer should be around 150 mm. Make sure to top up the sawdust so that it stays fresh and clean.

Wood shavings is also a good alternative if you cannot find untreated sawdust. Wood shavings can be bought at your local sawmill plant and usually it is cheap, so make sure that you buy enough.

What is the Best Bedding for Day Old Chicks

Do not use straw bales made from barley or wheat straw as it does not absorb the chicken waste well. It will result in more cleaning of the bedding and disturbing your chickens.

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